In addition to being intuitive, emPerform has robust functionality for goal setting and tracking, budget planning and monitoring as well as performance and compensation management.

emPerform offers peace of mind that the performance review and compensation review processes will run smoothly for management and maintain accurate records for personnel files.

With emPerform, we are able to provide a much-improved method of merit increase administration. After the manager has completed all of the performance reviews, the performance scores are fed into the compensation model and based on our merit matrix, a merit increase recommendation is entered. The manager can see all of their employees on one screen and compare the system recommendations. If they choose to accept the system driven recommendations, they simply submit to HR. If they wish to override the system recommendation, they have the option to do so.

We have seen a significant decrease in the time it takes for managers to complete their merit increase recommendations. I would estimate the timesaving to be 80-90%. For HR, the compensation management functionality has saved approximately 60-70% of the time it takes to pull the manager recommendations and submit to our Executive team for approval.

Being able to tie performance directly into succession and merit decisions brings everything together full circle and helps employees and managers see how their development and efforts contribute to both individual and company success.