Easy Online Performance Reviews,
Self-Assessments, PIP’s & more!

100% automated & configurable to your needs.

Completely Customisable to Your Needs

Create valuable reviews that are easy to complete and track what matters most. Customise your competencies, goals, notices, colors, rating scales & more!

On-Demand Forms for Agile Performance Management

Great performance doesn’t wait. Create a library of on-demand reviews and forms that your workforce can launch anytime – with the click of a button.

  • Project-based reviews
  • 1:1 check-in forms
  • Job description evaluation forms
  • Performance improvement plans (PIPs)
  • New hire assessments

Create Unlimited Appraisal Forms

Build your own appraisals, self-assessments, PIP’s, onboarding forms and more!

Save Time

Eliminate manual tasks with fully automated reviews and forms

Gain Consistency

Ensure reviews are consistent and on-track across the entire organization

Your Workforce – Your Way

Develop tailored processes & content for your unique employee groups

Help Managers Succeed

Give managers tools for better, easier ratings, comments & feedback

Engage Employees

Develop performance year-round with development planning & ongoing coaching

Competency-Based Assessments Made Easy

Evaluate your workforce on job-specific competencies and performance measures. Import your own or use the Competency Library included in emPerform.

emPerform is trusted by organisations in every industry around the world to:

 Automate and streamline performance management processes
 Engage employees in ongoing performance dialogue
 Align, develop, reward, and retain a world-class workforce

With emPerform,  launching a modern performance management program to engage your talent has never been easier.

“emPerform has been effective in converting our organisation from a paper-based form to electronic! Having all information tied to the review, the ability to create reports with graphics for our senior leaders, and the way the workflow moves the form from one leader to the next are some of my favorite features of emPerform. The compensation and succession planning modules are very easy to implement and our leaders like these features as well.”

Crystal Walker, Manager of Talent & Development at Energy United

“Simple, customizable, user-friendly online performance management. Our company chose emPerform because it’s an easy-to-use platform that’s mobile-friendly and highly customisable to meet our unique needs. We can track accomplishments throughout the year with journaling/tags, which are readily available during the review process, single sign-on, real-time email notifications, and a compensation module for bonus planning.”

-Anna Yoo, Compensation Analyst at Laika LLC

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More than performance reviews

With emPerform, you get complete employee performance management software at your fingertips

online performance reviews

Online Performance Reviews

goal management in emPerform

Goal & Development Tracking

360 reviews in emPerform

360° Multi-Rater Reviews

Year-Round Feedback

Nine-Box Talent Matrix

Pay-for-Performance Planning

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