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Ongoing Feedback & Performance Journals

Engage your workforce in timely & frequent feedback and create a culture of instant recognition and coaching with emPerform tag easy performance journaling, feedback & check-ins.

Drive performance year-round with emPerform tag

Less than 20% of millennials say they get regular feedback from their manager! We can do better than that!

According to a Gallup report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live, only 19% of millennials say they receive routine feedback.

That’s why emPerform tag™ makes it easy for managers and peers to document notes and send feedback to anyone, anytime, from anywhere – helping to acknowledge performance, boost employee satisfaction, and develop performance for company success.

Boost the quality and frequency of performance feedback across all teams

Using tag, managers and employees can:

  • Send feedback & create performance journals year-round
  • Recognise employee milestones as they happen
  • Allow for easy 360° feedback anytime, from any device
  • Ensure employees get the feedback needed to succeed
  • Document check-ins and 1:1 meetings with ease
  • Improve the quality of performance comments and ratings
  • Avoid bias in performance reviews


tag is included as part of emPerform’s full-featured performance management software suite – your users can access tag from day 1 at no extra cost Request a Quote

Send feedback and make performance notes year-round

Engage your workforce in frequent performance discussions

Recognise employee milestones throughout the review cycle

Add notes & feedback to any review form

Send feedback to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime

Increase the accuracy of ratings and comments

tag is included for FREE in emPerform

Journal notes can be tagged to employees – allowing for easy sorting and access inside performance reviews.

Because tag is accessible on mobile devices, it is easy to send feedback and make notes from anywhere.

Configure tag to suite your culture – you decide the level of usage and security you want.

Feedback can be sent directly to employees for instant recognition – alerts will let them know when feedback has been sent.

Whether your organisation has 50 employees or 3,000, emPerform’s configurability, affordable pricing model, and all-inclusive suite ensures it will be a great fit out of the gate and can scale and evolve to fit your needs as they change.

“emPerform has allowed us to make the performance review process a positive experience. 

Employees are now excited to get feedback, and supervisors have become all-star coaches.”


– Kevin Dawson, Talent Director at Barnes Dennig

We selected emPerform for its excellent reputation, great value, and powerful functionality. The reporting functionality, multi-lingual capabilities, and direct integration with ERP system were especially appealing and has allowed us to improve our processes a great deal.”

– Joanna Quart, Manager of Business Support at Ultra Electronics

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