100 Year-Old Construction Material & Supply Company Helps Managers & Employees ‘Rock’ Performance Reviews and Feedback with emPerform

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Dolese – The Company

Based in Oklahoma City, OK, Dolese Bros. Co. has developed into a leading full-service construction supply and material operation. For more than 100 years, Dolese’s team of top-notch technical experts has been providing customers with innovative solutions to help build homes, communities and infrastructure. Dolese’s staff of over 950 employees across Oklahoma have an unfaltering commitment to safety, environmental preservation and customer service.

The Decision to Automate Performance Management

Dolese set out to streamline and automate the entire evaluation process and go completely electronic for all performance documents. They evaluated several systems and selected emPerform for several key reasons; including:

  • ease-of-use for technical and non-technical users
  • ability to integrate employee data from Dynamics™ GP
  • diversity of features offered; including notes and feedback, eSignatures, and compensation planning
  • flexibility in approval routing, notices, content and settings for hourly and non-hourly staff
  • ability to easily re-assign Employees and Supervisors as needed
  • on-premise deployment option for installation on their own servers

Making the Move from Paper: Implementing emPerform at Dolese

“Implementing emPerform was phenomenal! The team never skipped a beat and every time I had questions or needed help, I heard back within minutes,” said Lori McCollough, HR Training Coordinator at Dolese. “My Implementer was wonderful to work with. She knew the software inside and out and had brilliant ideas on how we could improve our processes at Dolese.  I feel we gained so much more than a performance management system – we gained an experienced team of performance experts with the sole purpose of making sure we are happy and seeing results,” said Lori.

To help ensure the adoption of emPerform from staff, the implementation team worked with Dolese to design custom end-user training videos. These videos and the training provided to HR resulted in a smooth and consistent launch of emPerform and uptake from Supervisors.

The Impact of emPerform at Dolese

Since launching emPerform, Dolese has experienced brilliant results for HR, employees, and managers.

“emPerform rocks! I wish ALL software integrations and systems were this smooth and easy to use. They have world class CUSTOMER SERVICE and truly believe in making sure their customers are satisfied.”

Lori McCollough, HR Training Coordinator, Dolese

Expedited Performance Evaluations

“emPerform has sped-up the administration, completion, and approval of performance reviews tremendously for HR and Supervisors,” said Lori. “Now that all notices, reminders and status tracking happen automatically, Supervisors can simply click and type to complete reviews and send them along for approval automatically. Any back-and-forth takes minutes, instead of taking days with paper.”

Centralization of Evaluations Performance Notes

“Our Supervisors love that they can use emPerform tag to keep quick notes and records of performance in one place as opposed to having them in Excel, Word, or in notebooks,” said Lori. “This has helped to centralize records and gives our Supervisors a better account of the day-to-day performance of their staff.”

Status Tracking & Fairness in Performance Ratings

“I rely heavily on the status reports in emPerform to tell me where evaluations are at any time, so I can see if there are any bottlenecks and can feel confident submissions and approvals are happening smoothly and on-time,“ said Lori. “I also use emPerform analysis reporting to determine overall rankings and the trends for Supervisors. If there are Supervisors who are rating on the higher or lower end, I can quickly identify that and check-in to make sure all employees are being rated fairly and consistently.”

Excitement to Receive Ongoing Feedback & Recognition

“We have a large company filled with hourly staff, millennial workers, and field specialists who don’t necessarily work in an environment where they can expect sit-downs with their Supervisor every week,” said Lori. “Our employees are the heart of our company and we cannot expect them to be engaged and happy with only receiving feedback every twelve months. I am thrilled that emPerform is helping us build a culture of ongoing employee recognition & feedback, so we can continually develop and praise employees.”

Employee Data Always Up-to-Date

Dolese uses Dynamics GP for employee master data and records. As a member of the Microsoft® Partner network, CRG emPerform was able to build a data integration from Dynamics to emPerform to ensure that data is kept up-to-date in both systems.

“We do a lot of transferring and promoting of employees at Dolese,” said Lori “It is crucial that the data and reporting relationships in emPerform be correct and up-to-date so that evaluations are taking place at the right times and that Supervisors have access to the right evaluations. The integration with emPerform has really helped keep the whole process running smoothly.”

Smooth Merit-Decision Making

In 2018, Dolese rolled out emPerform’s Compensation Management module for automated merit-adjustment planning and approvals. When asked about her experience coordinating 2018 compensation plans, Lori stated “I loved it! I have a little over 960 individual merit-increase plans to coordinate, and it was so much easier using emPerform. We are still tweaking our processes, but overall, our Supervisors all the way up to our Executive team noticed the impact this year.”

Dolese continues to refine and build out their reviews and performance management processes with emPerform.

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