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What’s New in emPerform ?

See what’s new for you in version 5.3SP2 & 5.3SP3!

Refreshed Interface

We’ve updated emPerform’s interface for a sleeker and better user experience.

Important Fixes

We’ve made some great fixes that your users will love.

Changes to Browser Support

We’ve made updates to which browsers are supported.

Say Goodbye to the ‘url open’ Prompt

We’ve removed the ‘URL already open’ prompt for end-users and Administrators (when proxying in as user).  Your users will not get this warning even if the same person logs into emPerform in more than one browser tab. However, this action is not encouraged because if data is entered in multiple tabs, some data may not be saved and will be lost. When opening a new session in a separate tab, the old session in the original tab will expire. this helps prevent data loss. Administrators are still limited to one active session, but will not get the error when they proxy-in as a user.

Enjoy a Refreshed End-User Interface in emPerform

We’ve kept the best of emPerform, but made some small tweaks that your users will love. A refreshed home screen features more spacing, a collapsed menu, new ‘home’ icon, and ‘more’ option on main menu to allow users to access other pages/modules, without taking up space on the menu bar.

Tables have also been refreshed. Borders and lines have been removed, and spacing has been added to help your users easily browse tables and lists.

To help your users make quick notes and send more feedback using tag, we have added a floating tag pop-up at the bottom of most pages in emPerform. When a user clicks on the icon, they are given a pop-up write window for making journal notes or sending feedback (depending on how you have configured tag). The tag floating popup is NOT shown inside any succession manager or compensation manager module pages.

The new user interface brings a modernized look and feel for icons and buttons in review forms. As you can see below. Within review forms and On-Demand forms, the employee’s profile now shows on the left of the screen, instead of the right. The submit button has also been incorporated into the title bar to conserve space.

Library pop-ups have also been refreshed with thinner section dividers to help your users quickly expand and collapse sections and navigate content.

Upgrade to the latest version of emPerform

Upgrade Instructions

For Hosted Customers:

If you are a hosted customer, you are asked to schedule an upgrade at your convenience. As part of the upgrade, you will also be asked to schedule a 15-minute meeting with a System Administrator to help guide you through the configuration of the new layout and settings.

Contact us to schedule your upgrade

For On-Premise Customers:

If you have emPerform deployed within your network, your IT department will need to download the update files and upgrade emPerform. To download the files, please refer to the email sent to you with the download links or contact us to secure the file downloads.


System Administrator Manuals

Access the updated Administrator user guide and training tutorials in the Administrator User Guide which you can access from within the Administrator Module.

We are committed to the ongoing development and improvement of emPerform. This new release brings important upgrades to help support your organisation’s performance management efforts. The outlines the new release features, enhancements, and fixes.

As always, please feel free to contact us with your questions or feedback.

1-877-711-0367 | enquiries@emperform.co.uk

What’s New?

New features in emPerform 5.3SP2:

What’s New? Area Details
Refreshed User Interface  

End-user application


This release brings a refreshed user interface to the entire end-user application. There is now more spacing, new icons, and refreshed pop-up tabs
New fixed tag Popup Option. Tag/end-user application To help your users make notes and send feedback more easily in tag, we have added a fixed tag pop-up option that floats at the bottom of most screens.


Enhancements in emPerform 5.3SP2:

What’s New? Area Details
On-Demand Forms (ODF) show for a user that is made inactive. Appraisal


Administrators will see inactive users on the ODF form management page and can remove any ODFs assigned from the system.
Compatible Browsers End user application emPerform 5.3SP2 no longer supports Internet Explorer. End-users can access emPerform from all modern browsers, including Edge, Chrome, Safari, Chromium, and Firefox.
Compatible Logo and Splash Files Administration To prevent any black backgrounds showing on transparent images, Administrators will no longer be able to upload .png image files for the company branding: logos and splash screens.


Fixes in emPerform 5.3SP2:

What’s New? Area Details
Fixed ‘URL already open’ issue Appraisal  

Fixed ‘URL already open’ issue for user module.  End users will not get this warning even if the same person logs into emPerform in more than one browser tab. However, this action is not encouraged because if data is entered in multiple tabs, some data may not be saved and will be lost. When opening a new session in a separate tab, the old session in the original tab will expire.


Description and behavior labels in information tab on reports Appraisal Description of library items under the Information tab now shows on the evaluation reports for On-Demand Forms and Appraisals.


Enhancements in emPerform 5.3SP3:

What’s New? Area Details
One way password encryption Login/Password


One-way password encryption for better password and user security.
Reset password functionality Login/Password Existing ‘Forgot Password’ functionality has been replaced with Reset Password and separate ‘Reset Password’ page. Users must choose to reset a password and will receive a unique url to change their password online.
New report formatting for 360 rater report, appraisal report, and on-demand form reports Appraisal Report Reports in emPerform have been re-formatted for a easier reading and printing. Colours have been adjusted to grayscale, spacing and fonts have been optimized for readability, and orientation has changed from landscape to portrait.
Ability to synch org-level assignments Administration Allows for the copying of org-level assignments from the master to the appraisal. This may have an effect on library assignments if they are mapped to org levels, so some data may change if library assignments are changed during syncing, but Administrators will get a warning prior to the change.
Due date column added to ‘Employees in Workflow State’ status report Reporting The report has been edited to show the ‘Due Date’ column of when the workflow state is/was due.
Five decimal places used in compensation manager calculations Compensation Manager Calculations will now round up to the five (5) decimal places, making results more accurate.


Fixes in emPerform 5.3SP3:

What’s New? Area Details
Mobile user interface fixes End-User We continue to adjust the mobile emPerform user interface so the screens are easy to navigate and use on the browsers of mobile devices.
Only active employees can login using Single sign On End-User The latest version allows only active employees to login using Single Sign On.
Attachments stored to temporary file Common For better security, attachments will be stored in a Temporary Folder while being uploaded.
Url open error resolved for proxying in as user. Administration The ‘review url already open ‘ error has been resolved when Administrators who proxy in as a user.
Employee assignment table filter fixed Administration The filter on the ‘employee assignments’ pages and tables has bene fixed.
Email name in subject line fixed Common Issues related to the incorrect employee name appearing in email subjects has been resolved.
Pasting rich text into tags has been resolved tag Issues related to users attempting to paste rich-text into the tag input box has been resolved. Users can now paste text into tag and tag will automatically convert to plain text for the tag wall and when tags are added to any appraisal report.


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