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Want to take a deeper dive into automated project-based reviews, annual appraisals, 360 reviews & ongoing employee feedback?

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CRG emPerform’s newest feature makes it easy to track & assess project-based performance year-round with On-Demand Project Review Forms.

Companies that operate on project schedules often struggle with traditional performance management. Because project timelines rarely align with performance review cycles, it can be difficult to engage supervisors, project managers and employees in the performance feedback and coaching they need to succeed during and after key projects. Trying to keep up with project reviews and other off-cycle assessments is also a nightmare for managers and human resources…until now.

Put the Power of Project-Based Performance Reviews in the Hands of Your Workforce

Allow staff to launch project reviews at any time – before, during or after key projects.

Set and track project goals, expectations and milestones to ensure employees are aligned and on-track.

Document feedback and observations from multiple sources for a 360° view of performance.

Give employees the timely feedback and frequent check-ins needed to deliver on project goals.

Centralize all project performance records for helpful insight and to help managers to assess overall performance.

Your Projects – Your Way

With 100% flexibility, you can design project reviews to suit your company’s unique needs.

  • Customize all content, rating scales, and sections
  • Define your project review stages
  • Set access and permissions to suit your traditional and/or matrix-style organisation
  • Create different project-reviews for different project types or employee groups
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Give Project Managers and Coaches an Active Role in Performance Management

We live in an exciting time where traditional company hierarchies and reporting structures are giving way to more flexible and fluid cross-functional teams. These dynamic project teams don’t fit into HR’s traditional structure and so it can be challenging to ensure employees are getting fair and complete input from the people working with them.

Augment your company’s annual appraisal cycle

Transform how your matrix-style organisation approached performance management. With emPerform, anyone involved in managing the work and performance of an employee take an active role in developing that employee.

  • Project managers
  • Indirect supervisors
  • Peers
  • Other managers and leaders
  • Coaches/mentors (that aren’t the direct manager)

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