Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories Modernizes Its Talent Management Processes by Going Online with emPerform

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Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories – Overview

Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories needed to modernize its talent management processes in order to consolidate reviews and better track the performance of managers and employees. Their new online solution has allowed this top Canadian organisation to:

Using emPerform, Gamma-Dynacare has been able to:

  • Gain consistency with their review process so employees are evaluated accurately and fairly
  • Centralize all performance data and metrics for senior management and HR
  • Better track the progress of employee goals to ensure everyone knows exactly what is expected of them
  • Greatly improve how performance data is collected and used in reviews
  • Identify and develop highly-skilled employees to fill vacancies

The Company

Gamma-Dynacare is one of Canada’s largest and most respected providers of laboratory services and solutions, with more than 50 years of experience serving Canadians. Headquartered in Brampton, Ontario, Gamma-Dynacare operates laboratories in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. In addition, Gamma-Dynacare operates 200 Patient Services Centres in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Gamma-Dynacare’s more than 2,000 skilled and dedicated employees perform millions of tests each year, supporting patients, healthcare professionals and public and private sector clients with the laboratory services and critical information necessary for good health care and health-related decisions.

The Challenges

Gamma-Dynacare had no formal process in place for assessing and monitoring the performance of its workforce of over 2,000 highly skilled professionals. They began to design a formal talent management program from the ground up that would help them to address their unique challenges:

Meet the Needs of I.T.

PacificSource knew that in order for a software system to pass the test, it had to meet their technical requirements:

Shortage of Available Talent

Like many other specialized organisations, Gamma-Dynacare has difficulties finding the highly-skilled and specialized talent needed. There is a shortage in the labor market and as a result, recruiting people with the required skill set is very challenging and can be very expensive. Gamma-Dynacare knew it had to make an investment to develop high-performing individuals so that they would be able to fill the current and impending vacancies.

Lack of Accountability

Gamma-Dynacare had no mechanisms in place to monitor the status of employee performance and goals or to hold managers and employees accountable for performance expectations. They knew they needed a better way to set goals and monitor progress throughout the year. No Centralization of Data: Gamma-Dynacare had no consistent method of collecting or storing performance information. They needed a centralized repository to house performance data and historical reviews so that HR and senior management could access vital information.

Year-Round Coaching Needed

Gamma-Dynacare had no processes in place to ensure that managers and employees were being properly coached and development year-round. They needed a better way to help HR support managers and to enable on going coaching and feedback for employees.

The Selection Process

Gamma-Dynacare admitted that selecting the right performance management software vendor was the most challenging aspect of rolling out the entire talent management program. “Every vendor has something that looks great but it is hard narrow down which ones will actually work for you and what your costs will actually be at the end of each year,” recounts Sheldon Callender, Manager, Compensation and HRMS.

Gamma-Dynacare considered 4 different vendors before deciding on emPerform’s all-inclusive offering. “We chose emPerform because it provided all of the modules for one price. The other vendors had a core system and then each individual module or the features that we needed were at an additional cost. We needed something simple from a purchasing and user standpoint and emPerform delivered just that.”

The Benefits of emPerform at Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories

The benefits of using emPerform were clear to Gamma-Dynacare from the start.

“From an admin perspective it is the easiest software that I have worked with. It is very intuitive – once you understand how to set something up in one module, that knowledge can be transferred to any aspect of the entire system.”

Sheldon Callender, Manager, Compensation and HRMS

Happy Administration

After only one training session, Gamma-Dynacare administrators were able to configure several modules within emPerform with almost no assistance, resulting in very satisfied and relieved HR staff.

Happy Managers & Stakeholders

emPerform has given Gamma-Dynacare consistency and transparency with their talent management programs. All managers know exactly what is expected of them and how goals are being tracked. The system allows the higher levels of the organisation to monitor the progress of everyone involved. All feedback and performance is documented and maintained in one single area, making it easy for information to be accessed and used for decision making and tracking.

Happy Users

Going from having zero performance management processes to a software solution was a bit of a concern for Gamma-Dynacare but they were pleasantly surprised with how fast their users adopted the new system. “Everyone that has used emPerform has commented on the quick learning curve. A new user is able to feel completely comfortable with all aspects of the software the first time using it.” Users are also thrilled with ‘tag’, emPerform’s tool for sharing and receiving year-round feedback. The initial feedback from employees is that tag is an outstanding tool to use and has helped get employees excited about performance management and appraisals.”

Gamma-Dynacare wasted no time getting up and running with emPerform. Within a year, they successfully rolled out all modules included with emPerform: Succession manager, Compensation manager, Reporting, and emPerform tag for real-time feedback. Managers are now clear on what is expected of them, HR is able to track performance data, and employees are engaged in performance management and coaching year-round.

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