Forensic Technology Leader in Ballistic Identification Technology ‘Targets’ Employee Performance Using emPerform

Forensic Technology – Overview

Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification more than twenty years ago and has since relied on its global team of over 200 experienced engineering, forensic, and law enforcement professionals to promote a safer society through their solutions technology.

The Challenges 

Lost Documents

Forensic technology was relying on a paper-based annual performance review system to track the status of objectives and the performance of their workforce. “We had clear problems with our system,” said Elisabeth Lecavalier, VP of HR for Forensic Technology. “We started the process with good intentions — managers and employees would spend a lot of time developing and documenting goals and objectives — but when it came time to evaluate employees, managers would have trouble locating the latest version of the documents.” Having an inconsistent and untraceable process hindered their ability to provide proper feedback and to effectively track the status of goals and performance initiatives. Forensic recognised a need to automate performance evaluations in order to encourage continuous and consistent feedback to employees.

Retaining a workforce of highly skilled, geographically dispersed employees.

Forensic Technology relies heavily on a highly-focused and skilled talent base of professionals in the field. These professionals are also geographically dispersed, making proper performance management and feedback processes challenging to execute correctly. In order to maintain a workforce of top-performers, Forensic needed to find a solution that would be accessible online and would give managers a platform for recognizing and developing employees.

The Solution

Forensic Technology recognised the need to automate their entire performance management process to ensure that managers and employees had an accessible and consistent repository for collecting and monitoring goals and performance metrics. Working in tactical teams, they refined their requirements criteria and decided that the solution of choice would have to satisfy the following conditions.

“We selected emPerform for its excellent reputation, great value, and powerful functionality. The reporting functionality, multi-lingual capabilities, and direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP were especially appealing and will allow us to improve our processes a great deal.”

Joanna Quart, Manager of Business Support, Forensic Technology

Cost Effectiveness

“Being a smaller company, we didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend. Our chosen solution had to offer the best value for our dollars spent,” said Lecavalier.

On-Site Deployment

Due to security restrictions, Forensic needed to host the software on their own servers.

Multi-lingual Capabilities

Being headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Forensic Technology needed to offer employees and managers the ability to conduct performance appraisals in their language of choice (i.e. French or English).

Integration with HRIS

Forensic Technology uses Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP for maintaining employee records. They wanted their performance management solution to integrate with their HRIS to avoid double entry of data and risk having outdated information in either system.


Forensic Technology needed the software be easy-to-use and maintain by anyone regardless of their technical abilities. This was an absolute must!

After evaluating close to ten vendors, Forensic Technology chose emPerform. “We were dazzled by the demo” said Lecavalier. “We saw that we would be getting so much more than just an appraisal system and that emPerform would allow us to wrap our arms around succession, compensation management and 360° surveys. Implementing emPerform was challenging but emPerform’s staff of professionals ensured that at the end, we were all champions.”

“As a high-tech company, we know what great software looks like and emPerform is truly a great product.” continued Lecavalier. “The emPerform staff are open to our suggestions and are sensitive to our requirements. That is exactly the type of relationship we like to have with our suppliers.”

Forensic Technology deployed emPerform on-site in the fall of 2010. HR, managers, and executives are happy with the system and are even happier that the project came in under budget. emPerform has improved communication between managers and employees, has helped them to execute proper goal management, and the 360 multi-rater survey capabilities has given them useful insight into their workforce.

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