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Enable Easy & Ongoing Feedback in Your Company with emPerform tag

Boost performance and engage employees with rich, timely, and ongoing feedback

Less than 20% of employees surveyed say they get regular feedback from their manager! Come on leaders – we can do better than that!

emPerform tag™ makes it easy for managers and peers to document notes and send feedback to anyone, anytime, from anywhere – helping to acknowledge performance, boost employee satisfaction, and develop performance for company success.

tag is included as part of emPerform’s full-featured performance management software suite. Get started today and join companies around the world who are achieving performance management success.

emperform on going feedback yearly review tag

Help boost the frequency & quality of employee feedback in your organisation with emPerform tag.

Using tag, managers and employees can:

send feedback & create performance journals year-round

recognise employee milestones as they happen

 allow for easy 360° feedback anytime, from any device

ensure employees get the feedback needed to succeed

document check-ins and 1:1 meetings with ease

improve the quality of performance comments and ratings

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emPerform Performance Reviews

Eliminate the hassle of manual, paper evaluations! Get started with easy-to-use online performance reviews in a snap

Since 2004, emPerform has been helping companies transition from manual, paper reviews to completely automated and strategic performance management.

Administer & complete performance reviews in a fraction of the time
Evaluate employees on job-specific goals & competencies
Email notifications guide the review to an unlimited number of reviewers
Integrated 360° feedback gives managers a complete view of performance
All text, layouts, and rating scales are 100% configurable to your company’s needs

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Did we mention everything is included? You get it all – for one great price!

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Discover how emPerform’s award-winning software can automate and re-tool your performance evaluation processes.