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Performance management is critical to a company’s success. Investment in performance management software and processes pays dividends in talent retention, reduction in turnover, improved engagement, productivity, and bottom-line profits. But to achieve the greatest return, it is critical to choose the right software for your needs. Finding the right platform that offers the tools, support, and price model that works for you can make an impact on your ROI.

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emPerform is trusted by organisations in every industry around the world to automate and streamline performance management processes, engage employees in ongoing performance dialogue, and better align, develop, reward and retain a world-class workforce.


“emPerform has been effective in converting our organisation from a paper based form to electronic! Having all information tied to the review, the ability to create reports with graphics for our senior leaders, and the way the workflow moves the form from one leader to the next are some of my favorite features of emPerform. The compensation and succession planning modules are very easy to implement and our leaders like these features as well.”

Crystal Walker, Manager of Talent & Development at Energy United

“Simple, customizable, user-friendly online performance management. Our company chose emPerform because it’s an easy-to-use platform that’s mobile-friendly and highly customizable to meet our unique needs. We can track accomplishments throughout the year with journaling/tags, which are readily available during the review process, single sign-on, real-time email notifications and a compensation module for bonus planning.”

-Anna Yoo, Compensation Analyst at Laika LLC