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Axios International – Overview

Established in 1997, healthcare consultancy Axios International works closely with both private and public sector stakeholders to develop sustainable market access solutions in emerging markets. Their employees are spread across 4 continents and 11 worldwide locations. Online employee performance management and appraisal software from emPerform is helping Axios to streamline their appraisal processes and improve their workflows.

The Challenges 

Prior to the implementation of emPerform, Axios had a standard paper-based appraisal and talent management process. The management of performance evaluations and employee development was a challenge, particularly considering the dispersed nature of the workforce.

Another challenge was the inability to accurately quantify the qualitative information obtained from an individual’s annual goals, KPIs and end of year evaluation, and then effectively turning this information into an actual goal rating. To address these issues, Axios looked to the market place in order to find an online system offering a high level of automation and customization. After assessing a number of vendors, Axios turned to emPerform.

The Solution

Axios was attracted to emPerform’s performance management software because it offered a high level of customization. They were able to choose their own layout, rating scales, vocabulary, workflows, language and the specific processes that best suited their needs. emPerform’s simplicity and ease of use also impressed Axios, with the appraisal software particularly standing out against other software in the marketplace. Axios installed emPerform in Autumn 2011. Cliona Brady, HR Director for Axios, was delighted with the overall ease of implementation and set-up.

The Impact of emPerform at Axios International

“We found emPerform extremely user-friendly and were able to easily set goals, create forms, make quick changes and build professional reports without considerable technical knowledge. In addition, from an administrative perspective, we were not restrained by decisions that we made during set-up. If we wanted to make further changes to areas such as workflows, headings and goals, we could quickly and easily make amendments to the layout without involving the vendor and accumulating further support costs.”

About Axios International

Axios International is a healthcare consultancy that works closely with private and public sector stakeholders to advance the availability and affordability of medicines, diagnostics and medical devices in emerging markets. Established in 1997, Axios continues to break new ground in the development and implementation of one-of-a-kind sustainable market access solutions across Africa, Asia, U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

“I would highly recommend emPerform due to the ease of use, and the simplicity with which you can take a paper-based process and put it online, easily mirroring the current process.”

Cliona Brady, HR Director, Axios International

Brady continued “I would highly recommend emPerform due to the ease of use, and the simplicity with which you can take a paper-based process and put it online, easily mirroring the current process.”

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