I would whole-heartedly, and without a moment’s hesitation, recommend emPerform. Drop everything else and jump straight in. It will make your performance evaluation process elegant, streamlined, effortless… even great fun!

I have never met a product or vendor I enjoy working with more than the CRG emPerform System and its Implementation and Support Team. The product is elegantly designed, userfriendly, intuitive, robust… in a word, perfect. The only thing more responsive than the software is the incredible support team behind the product. Both product and vendor = world class.

From an administrative perspective, I like how elegant and easy the system is to use. I appreciate being able to design new forms and evaluation workflows myself (the well designed system makes me feel so smart, it’s that user friendly!), knowing too that if I get stuck a clear and informative tutorial, as well as fabulous tech support are immediately accessible.