We can set it up how based off of what we need and can make the workflow super easy and user friendly. The support we’ve received along the way has also been incredible! It seems to be a one stop shop for us in terms of performance management for our entire organisation.

emPerform offered us all of the functionality in one system for the best price we could find and met all of our technical and process needs. We had a pretty extensive checklist of requirements and emPerform scored across the board for all of them.

CRG emPerform delivered an all-inclusive functionality that effectively automated and streamlined our employee appraisals.

For organisations seeking a comprehensive system for performance appraisals, goal setting, compensation management, succession planning (and more) — highly recommend considering and implementing CRG emPerform software.

Knowing that we can expand and use all of the features as and when we need them is so important for HR planning and development. We haven’t got a stagnant tool; we’ve got a system that we can continue to use to build and develop our organisation.