Our users are no longer required to find, save and email individual appraisals and HR doesn’t have to constantly send out reminders. The result has been an easier process with significant time-savings for staff and HR.

We had a paperwork nightmare that didn’t provide much in the way of useful data or performance improvement/tracking. emPerform has allowed us to make reviews relevant! It’s intuitive and easy to design and set up.

CRG emPerform delivered an all-inclusive functionality that effectively automated and streamlined our employee appraisals.

Making things easier for employees was key. Reactions to emPerform at Geosoft have been extremely positive across the board. We solicit feedback from our employees regularly on this, and everyone agrees that emPerform is a huge improvement over our manual processes.

I would highly recommend emPerform due to the ease of use, and the simplicity with which you can take a paper-based process and put it online, easily mirroring the current process.